About This Site

Welcome to BibleMessenger.com

I’m David Watts Jr. and I host this website. This site is the work of an individual only. It is not the work of any church or organization. It is funded only by me.

The purpose of this site is to share reliable Bible resources with serious Bible students. A fair amount of this material comes from my late father, David Watts. But regardless of where the material comes from, you must not rely upon this material in a way that is inappropriate. Only God’s word is perfect. You must examine the Scriptures and make sure that what is taught in this material is consistent with God’s word (Acts 17:11).

I obviously believe the material has merit, or I would not post it. But I may make a mistake, and the content authors may make a mistake. Examine everything by the Word of God.

I will also include links to other resources that may not at all be maintained by faithful brethren. Nevertheless, I judge that the resources may have merit. A good example of this is my link to the Bible program E-Sword. I do not at all endorse that author’s doctrine. However, I believe he provides a useful Bible study resource.

Finally, let me urge you not to in any way become lazy with this material. It is possible to download material from the Internet and use it as a substitute for your own personal study. Please don’t do that. You will not be doing yourself or anybody else any favors. You will in fact be hurting yourself and others.

Treat this material like you would a sermon. Study what is taught. Compare it to the Scriptures. Do your own study. Reach your own conclusions.

Please use this material as an aid, not as a crutch.

If you have questions, comments, concerns or anything you wish to express about this material, please feel free to email me: davidwattsjr@gmail.com